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Engaging community shouldn't require stitching together tools from numerous websites. 

BOOMITY's "All in One" Solution makes managing your website and engaging your community a breeze.

Covid19 has had, and will continue to have a wide reaching impact on how we conduct our business. In person office visits, client lunches, conventions, travel, group meetings, shopping in stores, will be changed, reduced, or eliminated. However, building connections, engaging constituents, collaborating with peers, and providing valuable and timely content, is more important now than ever. It just needs to be done online.That's where BOOMITY comes in. Whether you're an association, corporate business, or ecommerce store, the BOOMITY platform makes it easier than you could imagine to engage and build your online community.

Drive Community Engagement

At the heart of every community is the place that brings people together. Become that force of influence by staying active, informative, and compassionate. BOOMITY makes this quick and easy for any size team by centralizing key content management and marketing features into one intuitive control panel.

Create and Share Content From recipes to job listings or white papers to training videos, deliver the kind of content your community expects. Create and adjust content on the fly, save drafts, and preview work before publishing.

Attract and Connect  Attract new people to your web community with a full-fledged marketing suite that includes landing pages, email marketing, social media integrations and more. A/B test email and landing pages to know what marketing efforts work best.

Understand Your Community Data Collection, Analytics and Reports brings critical information about your community to life. Capture data with surveys and polls, see member reports and get a custom-tailored, real-time analytics dashboard. See what content generates the most enthusiasm and involvement.

Content Sharing and Marketing Automation

       Content Sharing              Marketing Automation

Event Management Made Easy

Maximize the potential of your events by influencing engagement before, during and after your event takes place. Get your audience excited to participate in discussions meaningful to them. Let them meet and interact with other valuable contacts. Get as much value as possible out of the hard work that goes into executing your event whether it be offline or online.

Create Dynamic Event Pages

Create  Creating and showcasing an event on a website has never been easier. BOOMITY provides a wizard that helps you create a stunning looking web pages that can be changed on the fly as information regarding your event changes. Feature your events on the homepage of your website or on any page of your site via a simple widget. BOOMITY provides templates to make your event page stand out and get noticed. Also, if you want your event to get noticed, it will as all event pages are SEO optimized for Google search.

Reach Drive traffic to your event landing page using your targeted email lists. Create custom invitations and send them out through email. Get RSVPs and collect payment through any of the payment processors. Unlike other products, BOOMITY does not charge any fees for selling event tickets (other than what the third party payment software providers charge).

Engage Maximize the value of an event by encouraging discussions before, during, and after an event has occurred. BOOMITY seamlessly integrates content generated on your website with your event page. By encouraging event conversation around key topics leveraging discussion boards, forums, videos, instant chat, online workgroups, etc., your event will have a more engaged audience and a more lasting impact. 

Generate Revenues

Consumers aren't just looking to buy products, they want an engaging, immersive shopping experience. Successful retail is dependent on generating an emotional connection with your brand. Whether you are a retailer with thousands of SKUs, an association looking to generate revenue from events, or an alumni association looking to collect dues, BOOMITY is the platform to build these bonds online.

Unlimited Features BOOMITY integrated Magento 2+ to provide the most essential tools out-of-the-box. As Magento is the most robust ecommerce solution available, there is virtually nothing we can't build. Our technology supports expansion so you can manage multiple stores, transact in multiple countries, conduct business in multiple languages and currencies. Additionally, we are unique as we can handle the complexities of B2B ecommerce. Basically, if you can dream it - we can create it.

Unified Content and Ecommerce  Get the best of both worlds. Content creation and Ecommerce tied together with one single sign on. Imagine selling product directly  from videos, blogs, discussions as well as other content types. Easily change promotions and showcase them on the homepage. Make it easy for influencers to contribute content and sell your product from their own websites.

We know one size does not fit all Our team can help you customize your ecommerce offering to your needs. Unlike with Shopify, there are no structured template limitations, we can manipulate the code to our desires to give you precisely what you need to thrive. 

Built-in tools to Generate Revenue


Give your members a space to communicate and share information, building a member culture based on better relationships and a depth of knowledge.

Collaboration Portal for your Organization

Host Collaboration Tools  Provide your community the tools they need to seamlessly connect with one another. In-platform messaging, discussion boards, document sharing, live chats and video conferencing.

Become an Arena for Social Engagement Create environments that keep people talking to each other. Build your own group Knowledge base. Integrate social media with your community presence to ensure you reach your constituents when, where, and how they prefer to interact with you.

Public/Private Groups Choose between public and private groups. Have as many Groups as you need. Pinpoint the content being shared with only those that should see it. Notify members when new content is added. No longer bother members with content not relevant and meaningful to them.

Tailored Solutions

We know that every organization is unique No one solution fits every organization's needs.Custom Tailored Web Platform An organization's internal processes can dictate how software must be altered and leveraged. Unlike our competitors we at BOOMITY work to custom fit our web platform to meet the requirements specific to your organization's needs. We are not a website builder nor do we force fit you into one solution. No need to adapt to us – we customize our platform to you.

BOOMITY can be your website or an extension Re-doing a website can be a big undertaking for many organizations.While we make the process very efficient Flexible Integration of Softwareand highly manageable, it sometimes just isn't the right time and the desire just isn't there. With BOOMITY, you don't have to throw out your website to get the great, robust features required to build your community engagement. BOOMITY can integrate into your existing website rather than take the place of it.

Built for Speed and Performance

The BOOMITY CMS platform is dynamic and always evolving. We are constantly evolving the platform to give our clients a leg up over their competition. We see it as our job to keep you ahead of the curve to ensure your site performance is always cutting edge.


SEO Optimization Tools  SEO is of paramount importance to BOOMITY. We regularly refine the front-end and back-end code to accommodate the changing requirements of the top search engines. We built microdata and Google structured data into the platform, to ensure your content creation is optimized - even if that's all you decide to do.

Headless CMS and Architecture

Headless Architecture "Headless" means fast, flexible content, future-proof design for front-end updates, and more secure websites. Unlike Legacy CMS platforms (i.e., Wordpress). BOOMITY's Cloud-first,, headless CMS allows content to flow to all devices seamlessly with no need to alter templates.

BOOMITY Fully Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile-First Over 50% of web traffic happens on mobile devices, We understand the importance of a fully mobile responsive website for your customers, prospects and members. We guarantee a highly efficient, mobile first website delivering clean and fast optimized search engine ranking results for SEO.

No More Vulnerable Plugins

No Hiccups or Surprises Too often different plug-ins are stitched together to build websites. If one plug-in is outdated it can cause major problems like site crashes or getting hacked. With BOOMITY you will never need to worry about these issues as we constantly update and upgrade the BOOMITY technology.

Safe and Secure Hosting

Safe & Secure Hosting Keep your information safe on a secure AWS-hosted platform, the best web hosting for small businesses and expanding medium-sized businesses. Boasting a track record of 99.99% server uptime, our servers are managed, maintained, and backed up daily. We handle encryption SSL certifications, PCI compliance, and much more.

Web Platform with Full Support

Support We are dedicated to making your life easier, you can count on us for support whenever you need it. No question is too big or too small. We are here for you by email, text or phone 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM PT.

Fully-Managed Platform

Fully-Managed Turnkey Platform

Web technologies are changing at warp speed with software updates, better solutions, SEO best practices, security patches, and much more. If you want your web presence to be effective, you must stay on top of these advancements. It's imperative to keep your technology engine on the cutting edge. One of the greatest benefits of the BOOMITY platform is that we handle all of this for you. We keep the engines running so you can focus on driving your business.


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