BOOMITY is a web-based, online marketing and e-commerce platform that is offered as a fully hosted and managed subscription service. BOOMITY provides all of the most essential marketing functionality necessary to engage your prospects and get them excited and involved with your brand. Additionally, BOOMITY has a built-in and robust E-commerce marketplace ready to promote your products and generate increased sales revenues. All this functionality is managed from one easy to access and simple to use Control Panel.


BOOMITY’s functionality falls primarily into three buckets…

1. Outbound Marketing – to reach your prospects and target audience.

2. Inbound Marketing – to build communities, engage the target and get them back to your website.

3. E-commerce to generate revenue and repeat sales.

4. CMS to easily manage and share the content on your website all by yourself.

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1.Tailored Solutions to meet your needs – Most organizations have three distinct options when they decide to upgrade their online marketing presence… You can A). use one of the many enterprise solutions that is off the shelf. These platforms will do their best to fit what your organization needs into the existing structure of the technology that they offer. Unfortunately, the customer usually suffers as it is rarely a perfect fit. B). The organization can piece the solution together with existing products and plug-ins. This is often a clumsy and less than optimal solution. This piecemeal approach often requires numerous logins and often lacks true integration. Most importantly, this solution relies heavily on the use of plug-ins. These plug-ins leave your website highly vulnerable to security intrusions. Additionally, plugins require that someone is up to speed with updating the plug-ins as the technology evolves, C). There is the build it yourself solution. This will hopefully give you exactly what you need but it comes at a high price and a long lead time.

Now, there is a fourth option and that is BOOMITY. BOOMITY provides all of the most sought after functionality pre-built and integrated into a seamless, easy to use platform. Importantly, the BOOMITY team works closely with your organization to assess your needs. We then tailor our platform around your requirements, not ours. That means we will customize the technology solution to deliver a tailored platform for your specific needs. So, you don’t need to settle for “take it or leave it” software solutions, you don’t need to spend a fortune developing a custom solution from scratch, and you certainly don’t need to piecemeal a solution together and be vulnerable to hackers and security breaches. BOOMITY offers the best of all worlds.

2.You are never alone – Unlike other frequently purchased SaaS technology platforms that don’t provide you with much customer service, particularly once you are up and running, BOOMITY stays with you every step of the way. If you ever have a question or need advice we are a phone call or email away. We don’t discourage you from engaging with us by charging for service time and requests, nor do we send you off to another country to have someone comb through a book to see how they might help you. We welcome and encourage you to call. We want to help you succeed. Simply put, our philosophy is… Your success is our success.

3. Dynamic - Technology is never stagnant nor should it be. There are always new marketing techniques that need to be leveraged. BOOMITY is constantly evolving with new marketing functionality. On top of that, we make sure all of the software is updated so you never have to worry any of that.

4. Easy to Use – Our mission from day 1 was to create a platform that anyone in an organization could manage. There is absolutely no need for any technology or programming knowledge required. While other companies tout “ease of use” we deliver on it.

5. All in One Place – Just one login to one Control Panel and you get to manage all of your marketing from one location. What could be easier than that?

The BOOMITY Platform makes online marketing so much easier than the old way of doing things. Online marketing has become an arduous and often confusing process. Starting with the need to attract initial buyer attention to locking in customer loyalty and advocacy. You have your work cut out for you as your audience expects to receive information how, when, and where it is most convenient for them, through all forms of connected devices. The old solution is to piece together disparate (best of breed) web tools which can make for a disjointed and time consuming effort. The better option is to use a platform like BOOMITY that integrates the most often used web marketing functionality into one easy to use program. So if you want to provide valuable information to build relationships and gain the trust of your audience, a platform like BOOMITY is surely the way to go.

While we work with a broad spectrum of organizations, we have found that our platform is exceptionally well tailored to organizations with two diverse needs.

1.Companies that are lifestyle oriented, Brand focused, and are committed to selling through their own e-commerce store and/or marketplace.(i.e., health, sports, fashion, food etc)

2.Organizations that have the need to further engage their members, customers and prospects via building communities that focus on sharing content specific to the audience interests.(i.e., member associations, non-profits, etc)

No. We can take the graphics from your existing website and place them on the BOOMITY platform. Upon doing so, you will have a website that you can easily manage on your own with a complete suite of robust marketing functionality.

Absolutely. We have Magento specialists that are uniquely qualified to move your e-commerce store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. You may know that Magento 2 is a far superior platform to Magento 1 in many ways. However, the Magento 2 platform represents a complete overhaul from Magento 1. Therefore, it is not a simple or automatic migration. However, given that BOOMITY is has this in-house expertise, and because it is already integrated within the BOOMITY platform, we tend to achieve a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in a quicker and more cost effective manner.

Of course. As long as the other application has an API, we can integrate with them. We regularly integrate with ERP, CRM, and even social media applications. Obviously, because we work with Magento 2 e-commerce websites and marketplaces, we are regularly integrating with third party payment and transaction processors. Bottom line, no integration is too big or too small for the BOOMITY team.

We would not be exaggerating if we said that we represent some of the best branding, marketing and graphic minds in the country. Our team has worked on some of the highest profile programs conducted over the past three decades. Our platform was designed and developed specifically by, and for, individuals that demand branding and online marketing excellence. Give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through our uniquely excellent branding expertise. Also, check out our About Us section to learn more about our backgrounds.

Absolutely – we are happy to work with your outside creative talent. The only caveat is that the work that is done externally must meet our requirements for being mobile responsive, search engine optimized, and user-friendly.

This is a hard one to answer because it depends on a variety of things. For example, is there a need for branding help? How complex is the website (i.e., 5 pages or 1,000 pages)? Are we doing the UI and graphics or are they being supplied to us? How much is custom development involved? Typically, a simple website on our platform would take approximately 3-4 weeks to get up and running, and a very robust website may take 3 – 4 months.

We do. BOOMITY hosts, manages, updates, backs-up, and provides security 24/7

The monthly subscription includes the use of the BOOMITY online marketing functionality along with unlimited users, usage, and administrators. It also includes the hosting, security, back-ups, updates, maintenance, training and support. Furthermore, the BOOMITY platform is continuously being developed to meet the growing demands of our clients and the required inclusion of new technologies. It is our job to stay ahead of the curve in what technologies are needed to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. These enhancements are all part of the BOOMITY platform subscription fee.

Again, it really depends on what your organization requires. Let’s say it is significantly less expensive than the enterprise SaaS providers and more expensive than the do it yourself solutions that you may consider.

No – We know you will be happy with the results so there are no strings attached. If by some odd chance, you are not happy, we don’t think you should be forced to use our product.

To keep your costs down, we bill our subscription fees automatically via a credit card or Paypal account.(gives you some good miles as an added bonus)

We custom fit our platform to meet your needs. So there is a variance in what the costs will be. That is what makes it difficult for us to publish a standard fee. We tailor our software to meet your needs so you get and pay for what you need and no more.

No – You can have as many users, seats, administrators as you like.

We have a team of developers that are constantly working on improving our platform often based on what our client’s tell us they would like. Most of the enhancements you do not see as they are technical in nature. However, we tend to provide a significant update to the functionality on a quarterly basis.

We do not share your data with anyone. We use a third-party cloud hosting service (AWS) that we monitor 24/7. BOOMITY uses all the best practices to ensure safety and stability of our servers. We have had a 99.99% uptime and no breach of security since we started in business.

For the subscription to the BOOMITY platform we provide one level of service and that should be exceptional! We provide technology coverage 24/7 and you can always speak to someone directly Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (PDT)

We do offer services beyond the support for our subscription. Again, we can customize our services based on what your organizational needs are. For example, we provide, branding, design, online marketing, SEO, and project management services tailored to your requirement and budget.

Absolutely – we will package up creative and provide to you in a zip file.